Why blog about oldies (seniors)?

I worked as an in-home care provider and elderly companion, loved it!  I loved it so much I decided to go back to school in my mid-40s and become a nurse.  While taking a few preparatory classes, I learned what nurses actually do these days and quickly concluded that wasn’t for me.  So, I became a Certified Nursing Assistant. Through this journey, and now in my day-to-day work, I’ve learned what life is like for seniors and I’m on a mission to improve everything about it!  My loving and supportive husband convinced me that what I observe and experience on a daily basis will be useful to anyone caring for an elderly person…  So, this blog is for you, senior care provider.

3 thoughts on “Why blog about oldies (seniors)?

  1. Although I’m not a senior care provider, to answer your question, I feel it’s because seniors have the best stories and have so much to offer! I volunteer at the local senior center and although time is short for me, there are 2 people that I continue to visit every Sunday that I can (I think I missed about 6 in 1.5 years) because they give me far more than you can imagine from the hour I spend with them. They are so very appreciative of the visits – I recommend it for everyone.

    Great site – thank you for sharing!


  2. Thank you for liking my blog. Being of the age we are (me 76 soon to be 77 and my wife of 54+ years 78 soon to be 79) I am always interested in how others are coping today knowing that our lives could change in a “New York Minute.”
    So you can be sure I will be following your blog with interest.
    Thanks again for reading the rants and raves of an “old fart.”


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